Toll Energy and Marine Logistics

TToll Dampier supply base offers three major services comprising:


  • 12 hectares of laydown area
  • 3700 square metres of undercover storage and workshops
  • Approved dangerous goods storage
  • 1,450 square metres rentable office space
  • Washdown facilities
  • Tubular storage facilities.


  • Cranes up to 150 tonnes
  • Forklifts up to 16 tonnes
  • Skilled logistics and materials handling personnel
  • Administration support
  • Logistics support
  • Skilled maintenance personnel (electricians, boilermakers, fitters)
  • Stevedoring personnel.


  • Heavy load out facility for cargo up to 2,000 tonnes
  • 216 metres of berth space
  • 3 berths serviced with water, fuel and power
  • Dedicated ramp for loading roll on roll off vessels
  • Construction barge landing wharf.

For more information please refer to the Mermaid Marine Australia Supply Base Handbook.

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