Our role and functions

Pilbara Ports Authority is governed under the Port Authorities Act 1999 and operates as a corporatised entity with a board of management that reports to the State Government of Western Australia’s Minister for Transport. It is mandated to oversee operations of the Port of Dampier, Port of Port Hedland, Port of Ashburton area and future ports of Anketell and Cape Preston East. Through necessary planning and provision of vital services, Pilbara Ports Authority provides for future development of trade and commerce for the economic benefit of the State.

Our role

Under the Port Authorities Act 1999, Pilbara Ports Authority is required to:

  • Facilitate trade within and through the port
  • Plan for future growth and development of the port
  • Undertake or arrange for activities that will encourage and facilitate the development of trade and commerce generally for the economic benefit of the State through the use of the port and related facilities
  • Control business and other activities in the port or in connection with operation of the port
  • Be responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the port
  • Be responsible for maintaining port property
  • Be responsible for port security
  • Protect the environment of the port
  • Minimise the impact of port operations on that environment.
              Port Authorities Act 1999         675KB  

Our Vision

To be the global leader in port planning, operations and marine services

Our values

be the best in all we do

in all our dealings

operate honestly, fairly and impartially

for our environment, our staff and our community

do the right thing

Learn more about how Pilbara Ports Authority fulfils its role across different port locations under the Act by reading our strategic plan or downloading our latest annual report.

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