Maritime security identification card

The Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC) is a maritime identification card issued to identify a person who has been the subject of a background check to ensure port security is consistent Australia-wide.

It shows that the holder has met minimum security requirements to work unescorted or unmonitored in a maritime security zone. NoteIdentity document requirements will be changing on 1 August 2017.

The Dampier and Port Hedland MSIC Offices are open Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 3:30pm.

MSIC Port Hedland (08) 9173 9039
Administration Building
The Esplanade

Port Hedland WA 6721

MSIC Dampier (08) 9159 6500

Mof Road
Burrup Peninsula


Do I need an MSIC?

Frequently asked questions about the MSIC application process for Pilbara Ports Authority.

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Identification requirements

Important information on documents required by Pilbara Ports Authority to complete your MSIC application, including identification...

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Responsibilities of an MSIC holder

Learn about your responsibilities as an MSIC holder in the event you lose or damage your MSIC, have your MSIC stolen, require a...

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Apply for an MSIC

If you need to apply for an MSIC, find out about the steps involved and apply online.

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Renew an MSIC

To renew your MSIC you will need to follow exactly the same process as when you applied for your initial MSIC. Find out what steps are...

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Replace an MSIC

Find out how to replace your MSIC if it has been lost, stolen, destroyed, damaged, you have changed your name or your MSIC was based upon...

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Return an MSIC

Find out how to return your expired or surrendered MSIC card here.

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MSIC fees and charges

Details of current MSIC fees and charges.

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MSIC resources

Find relevant forms, templates and important contact details.

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Change of personal details

It is imperative to keep your MSIC issuing body informed of any changes to your personal information. Complete the online form or...

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