Annual Report

Annual reports must be published each year in accordance with Section 69 of the Port Authorities Act 1999.

Pilbara Ports Authority  Annual Report 2016/17

Full Report  (Interactive PDF) 9MB  
Full Report (reduced size) 3.6MB
Word Version (read-only) 3.7MB
Executive Summary (Year in Review; Chairman's Report; CEO's Report; Organisational Profile; Organisational Structure; Board of Directors; Executive team; Key Business Results; Corporate Scorecard; Port Statistics) 2.6MB
Performance against government goals (Links between relevant government goals and strategic outcomes and agency level government-desired outcomes and services) 340KB
PPA Performance (Details on achievements made during the financial year and work that was undertaken) 1.8MB
Significant issues impacting the agency (Significant current and emerging issues that impact on the achievement of government desired outcomes, policies and associated performance targets) 218KB
Disclosures and legal compliance (Directors' Report; Independent Auditor's Report; Financial Statements; Key Financial Performance Indicators; Governance) 3.8MB

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